I'm Stirling Cooper

Award Winning Porn Star

and surrogate big brother to countless men on their journey of self-improvement and rediscovering masculine virtues.

Learn how I've helped thousands of men improve their sex lives and achieve mastery in the bedroom

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Sex is a learnable skill just like any other and the experience that I’ve developed over the better part of the last decade by having sex professionally is something I’m able to pass on to you.

Learn techniques that took me years to develop and refine so you can level up your bedroom game.

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A man’s sexual prowess is intimately connected to his confidence and I encourage you to embrace your sexual desires as a man and to be unapologetic about expressing them and acting upon them.

Through all my work I strive to emphasize the importance of undoing the damage that modern society has done to men by EMBRACING UNAPOLOGETIC MASCULINITY and showing them how to live a life more in sync with their true nature.

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